Personalized children’s books My unique story. Much more than a book, an adventure to live!


WHO AM I? It all started on a sweet and warm summer night. An idea went through my mind as I was putting my daughter to bed. I thought about it for a while, carefully. I took the time to think because it was not a small decision, but a great responsibility, a lot of time and love to give.

Could I rise to the occasion? 

9 months ago, the beginning of my ‘pregnancy’ with this wonderful book had started. I, the upcoming mom, was using my skills and my creativity to create this small business that was dear to my heart.

After a lot of work, coffees, sometimes migraines, my second ‘pregnancy’ came to an end. The adventure of My Unique Story was born and made its mom proud because there is no new-born more beautiful than hers, that is for sure.

I hope you will have fun discovering and travelling inside this universe, sharing as you go through the pages, smiling when you close this unique book that unfolded in front of your eyes, because I had a lot of joy to give to this beautiful story.

... but also an awesome team


Hello, ladies and gentlemen! I am Maude, a young 29-year-old marmot without a baby marmot. I have the chance and the honour to use and abuse my quill here at My Unique Story. Yes, the story, it’s me; the internet texts, me again; the social media posts, always and forever me! 

Because of this stupid virus, I was in between jobs. One day, a friend of mine showed me an ad on social media. A young mom had an ambitious and fun project for which she was looking for an author. I thought “why not” and, a second later, I contacted the lady who would become my boss. I have been collaborating for a few months with my amazing boss (no ladies and gentlemen, this is not brownnosing). I hope you like my writing, my weird and quirky but always optimistic and benevolent side. On that note, don’t hesitate to tell me how wonderful I am. A little ego boost never hurts in these trying times, take a marmot’s word for it. “


“Baptiste, computer scientist and web designer. Outside of work, I love going to the mountain and it’s in the Swiss “Grisons“ that I met Lora (and her husband too). We gathered around a fondue in a mountain refuge. After a few drinks (of grape juice), we were getting along great. Lora thought of me for the computer part of her project and that’s how I joined the adventure.”

Note from Maude: Our favourite geek, he is not a computer engineer, but he likes computers. He is a great guy, and he is also the shy one of the group, so do not blame him for not making his presentation much longer that it needs to be!”


Hello everyone! This is Morgane speaking, a.k.a. “Momo the almighty” amongst the team. Well, anyway, you’re not here to know our nicknames. Oh, you are? Then Henri is “ the crooner”, he praises Johnny and Eddy . Baptiste is called Michel. Why? Because of a French song by “Michel the computer engineer”. We have a lot of imagination at My Unique Story, what do you think? Our beautiful Catalan friend, we call her Miri, which is the abbreviation of her name. 

Besides that, I am the administrative assistant so, as my title says, I assist and I administrate. There you go, you know everything!”


“My name is Henri. I’d like to talk about my thing, I’m the king of tinkering. I sometimes sing, for my friends and for my kin.

– And for the colleagues, right Henri?- just a small interlude by your favourite quill, Maude for those who did not follow. 

Retired logistician for 3 years now who was getting a little bored. Here, I sing, tinker, prepare, send, receive, repair, untangle things a few mornings a week. “


“Ola que tal? I am Miriam, I am a Spanish woman with a Spanish personality, a Spanish accent, a Spanish style, but a 100% Swiss heart. My specialty? Tortillas and illustrations. My little works of art fill the book, but that’s not all. I also do all the illustrations that complement my colleague Maude’s texts. About that, what do you think of my work? Just know that my cat likes it, and you wouldn’t want to upset my cat, would you?”


It is important to us to collaborate with amazing people who lead extraordinary projects. See for yourself…

Let us begin with the Enfants du Monde team. To carry out their projects, this Swiss association can count on the expertise and the dedication of its

collaborators who help children, mothers, and babies in some of the poorest countries in the world.

Our engagement? Each book sold will contribute to support a project that helps underprivileged children and mothers. Besides, our very first book telling the story of baby’s journey back home will support a project that helps take care of expecting mothers’ health and their babies’ health as well. They put a lot of energy into projects helping underprivileged populations, so go and check them out.

Here, this is Gilles, the founder of Almighty Tree. Thanks to him, we will plant trees and not only figuratively!

Yes, the My unique story team is really planning on rolling up their sleeves and putting the shoulder to the wheel, I mean to the earth, well you understood that we were going to plant trees. Indeed, our wonderful books have an environmental impact, so for you to be able to enjoy them while taking care of the planet, we decided to collaborate with a great association in this field. They are young just like us, dynamic just like us, wonderful just like us, we were made to collaborate. Go check them out and why not adopt a tree?

We do not only donate money, no, no, no! We also wanted to choose recycled FSC paper for our books GOTS fabric for our future textile products (GOTS guarantees the biologic aspect of the fabric from harvesting the raw materials and transforming them in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, to their labelling, as a way to give tangible proof to the customer), FSC Swiss wood for wood products, and we will truly plant the trees that we sponsor each year. We will of course continue on this path and always search alternatives that are more eco-friendly, more respectful, and all-round better. A long-term work that we will never neglect, you have my marmot’s word. 


These are amazing businesses that gave us a hand! We are very thankful to them!

Livres personnalisés My unique story peronalisierte kinderbücher


Livres personnalisés My unique story peronalisierte kinderbücher

Swiss made

Livres personnalisés My unique peronalisierte kinderbücher


livres personnalisés

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