Personalized children’s books My unique story. Much more than a book, an adventure to live!



It is like a funny child’s game! Choose the baby; enter their name; personalise the book; admire your work! It is all done! Easy, right.

Do not worry! You have a 12-hour time span to let us know about the mistake you made. To do so, you must send an e-mail to the following address: with the title ‘WARNING’!!! 

No modification sent to a different e-mail address will be taken into account.

Just as you are about to check out, you will see a ‘promo code’ section where you can enter the reference number of the voucher. Enter the code and confirm it to refresh the total amount of your cart.

No, the promotions are not cumulative. We would not want our marmots to have to mortgage their burrows.

We offer a variety of payment methods. The payment is done at checkout and cannot be postponed. Each book is unique and edited specifically for you. Therefor, it is not possible for us to accept payment after printing or shipping of the order. 

That depends on you! In fact, at checkout, you can choose to receive a printed invoice by paying an extra 2 CHF (Swiss franc). 

No, that is not a big deal, our e-mail is most likely in your spam or unwanted folder. Go and check, and if it is not there, send us a message at


As soon as possible but as slow as necessary. ‘What does that mean’, you ask? Your order will be ready for shipping within 4 workdays. Then, the shipping time depends on the distance your parcel has to travel. For Switzerland, it takes about 2 days. For Europe, 3 to 10 days. For the rest of the world, 3 to 30 days (if you live on an island for example). Do you need more information? Do not hesitate to check the Swiss postal information on the following link:

Contact us via e-mail or telephone, and we will do our best to answer and solve the problem as quickly as possible. 

Contact us as soon as possible to let us know about the problem. We will do our best to answer promptly.

Our crane delivers everywhere around the world! Yes, its long wings are able to fly to every latitude. 

The fee is calculated at checkout and will depend on the articles you ordered and on the country of destination.

We always work as quickly as we can but let us not forget that our articles are unique and cannot be made in advance.


In the land of the Helvetians. Besides, it was not an easy process. We contacted more than 100 Swiss printing offices before finding the chosen one! 

Yes, we want our environmental impact to be as small as possible but do not worry, the quality does not suffer from it. I give you my marmot’s word. 

Our books are dedicated to babies as well as to grandparents, because what better way to share an intimate and special moment with a grandchild? And why would your little angel not learn to read with their favourite book? Our book was written in a way that your child can not get enough of reading it and so that they can keep it as a favourite book, because in the end this story is theirs. 

To allow us to make the best personalised book possible, pictures of the child or of the family and friends must meet a number of requirements.

Format: the pictures must be in a JPG or PNG format, with a size 20MB.

The character’s faces must be front-facing, completely visible (no hats or beanies)

Lighting: the picture should be in colour, well lit and clear

I uploaded my picture, but it does not appear in the preview…

The picture could not be uploaded correctly. Make sure that the format as well as the size are compliant, then upload it again or select a new one in the dedicated space. 

French, Swiss patois, German, English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Albanian. What a variety of choices! 

Optional gifts

We offer a variety of gifts specifically made by local craftsmen. It can be shipped separately from the book, depending on the article you ordered. These articles are specifically made for you when ordered. They are personalised and unique. Therefor, it is not possible to return them, and you also have a 12-hour time span after ordering to modify or cancel your order. How? Exclusively via e-mail, at with the title ‘WARNING’. Any other method will not be taken into account. The delivery time is 10 workdays, except if stated otherwise, but we will get it shipped as soon as it is ready. 


Can I return my order? It is not possible to return your order. Each article sold is unique. 

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