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Puzzle Map Switzerland 100 pieces

Puzzle Map of Switzerland: Explore the Beauty of Switzerland Piece by Piece. Each piece immerses you in the beauty of this country through the captivating illustrations of My Unique Story. An educational and relaxing experience in 100 pieces, with exceptional quality and convenient storage – Storage bag included. Discover Switzerland piece by piece!


CHF 23.50


Discover Switzerland in a unique way with our Puzzle Map of Switzerland! Immerse yourself piece by piece in the splendor of this fascinating country through this captivating puzzle. Artistic illustrations from the enchanting world of My Unique Story transport you to a realm of beauty and joy.

It’s more than just a puzzle; it’s an educational and relaxing experience. This tranquil activity promotes observation and reflection while establishing a deep connection with the exceptional Swiss landscape.

Our puzzles not only provide enjoyment but also offer outstanding quality with environmentally friendly materials. The 100-piece puzzle comes in a convenient storage bag, making storage a breeze.

Dive into this captivating adventure and allow yourself to be invited to explore Switzerland in a playful way! Each piece of this puzzle encapsulates a part of Switzerland’s beauty, drawn from the illustrations of My Unique Story’s book ‘The wonderful journey’

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